Monday, November 07, 2005

Show 003

'Refugee Sizwe & Helping Pensioners'

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Sizwe, 20 year old living in Johannesburg for three years, talks about why he left Bulawayo, and risks being caught and mistreated as another Zimbabwe 'illegal' in South Africa. Maybe someone, somewhere will help Sizwe with his desire to become a journalist - he's a great youngster who could offer a better Zimbabwe a brighter future. Contact me if this gets you thinking.

Gary Cross, pastor of Northside Community Church in Harare discusses the plight of pensioners reliant on fixed incomes in these mega-inflationary times ... and what his church (and others) are doing to ease the stress and genuine needs that exist. This article in THE ZIMBABWE SITUATION is also full of helpful information about ways to get support to people caring for the pensioners.

In our next show ... Mark interviews a funeral home entreprenuer with a passion for life! His approach to dealing with the huge death rate from HV related illnesses is like a breath of fresh air. And more ...

If you would like to make a donation to the Northside Community Church PENSIONERS FUND, please email Gary direct and ask him for more information:

  • Email contact is mickaroony (at) (typed this way to avoid spam)
  • Skype contact: mark_d_taylor
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Green_Leader said...

I cannot seem to find your latest podcast?? Could you point me in the right direction? Cheers!

Mark D Taylor said...

Yes, sorry for the delay here ... Odeo seems to have some bugs to work out with their uploading system, and their Customer Support have informed me that their priority right now is fixing bugs in the downloading side ... so how long this willo be problematic I do not know?

I will keep trying ... what happens is that the upload of the new show does in fact happen, but then the Odeo system which then helps you to write the show description, and place it in the correct channel, crashes. This is what they need to fix ... and I sure hope it is soon! Thanks for listening. - MDT

Mark D Taylor said...

This show finally made it to Odeo early this morning Joburg time. I encoded it at 32KBPS which may have been a mistake. Please let me know if you think the loss in quality is worth the faster download? Thanks, MDT