Monday, October 24, 2005

Show 002

Voices from Home

Farai and Muyaradzi chat to me in a car driving down Borrowdale Road in Harare. Some editing to obscure their professions and employers done because freedom of speech is not exactly a hallmark of current Zimbabwean life. Some interesting ideas from these two fellas.

Charlie & Lynne spent a year trying to set up a new business and life in Botswana, but have 'come home' to Harare, and love it in spite of the problems. They talk about what it is like to be raising kids in Harare today.

Josh and Ben are talented little guys - listen to the harmonising as they sing grace at the table one Saturday morning recently.

In our next show....

Gary Cross
Pastor of Northside Community Church in Borrowdale, Harare, talks about ways churches are helping senior citizens and pensioners. If you want to contact Gary with some help of your own, email him at this address: gary.cross (at) (change the (at) to @ - we do this to reduce spam from these shownotes.

This article in THE ZIMBABWE SITUATION is also full of helpful information about ways to get support to people caring for the pensioners.

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Friday, October 14, 2005

Show 001

Derbyshire Rob, a KwaZulu Natal gal, and two old foggies in the balcony

Rob Ellis (living in chats about life in the UK since he and his wife Bee moved there in late 1998. You can find Rob's popular blog The Bearded Man here.

Gayle Beeton lives in the seaside resort town of Scotburgh, south of Durban. She was in Joburg visiting and I got a few minutes chat with her just before she flew back home.

The two old men up on the balcony - well their names were Waldorf and Astoria, if memory serves me correct, and they may bring back some memories of watching television on a Saturday nights in the 70's.

Some of the sound clips used in my intro come from the Rhodesia Was Super CD, which is available here.

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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Show 000

The demo show

Welcome folks (hey maybe I will have an audience of just me). Naah - I am sure my buddy Rob will at least double the listenership. I have a chat with him in Show 001 which won't be long in coming.

Here is a short (under 8 minutes) demo of the Paradise Lost podcast. No links in this show, or interviews. But there is some comment from me about what the show is all about, and details on what I am looking for from Zimbos and Rhodies living 'abroad' now.

Well, how about one link!

If you want to learn more about podcasting, drop by PODCAST SA.

Monday, October 10, 2005

Almost ready

I have one interview in the bag (just needs some editing) and another one I hope to get today, and then I can have a bash at getting Show #001 completed and uploaded as a podcast. In fact, before Show #001 actually hits the podosphere, I will more than likely do a Beta show just to check all is in working order! I will call it Show #000.

You can also click on over to Odeo where you will find my channel (as they call them) for this new show.