Monday, October 24, 2005

Show 002

Voices from Home

Farai and Muyaradzi chat to me in a car driving down Borrowdale Road in Harare. Some editing to obscure their professions and employers done because freedom of speech is not exactly a hallmark of current Zimbabwean life. Some interesting ideas from these two fellas.

Charlie & Lynne spent a year trying to set up a new business and life in Botswana, but have 'come home' to Harare, and love it in spite of the problems. They talk about what it is like to be raising kids in Harare today.

Josh and Ben are talented little guys - listen to the harmonising as they sing grace at the table one Saturday morning recently.

In our next show....

Gary Cross
Pastor of Northside Community Church in Borrowdale, Harare, talks about ways churches are helping senior citizens and pensioners. If you want to contact Gary with some help of your own, email him at this address: gary.cross (at) (change the (at) to @ - we do this to reduce spam from these shownotes.

This article in THE ZIMBABWE SITUATION is also full of helpful information about ways to get support to people caring for the pensioners.

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Take care

Green_Leader said...

Wonderful site! I just came across it and love the podcasts. I d/l it and listen on my way to work. Cheers!!

Rich said...

Great idea...keep up the good work in getting the real story of Zimbabwe out to those of us all over the world, who get sucked in by the news media and never hear the stories of our brothers and sisters living in Zim. I found it on I listen to you in Texas. God bless.