Sunday, November 20, 2005

Show 004

Mark chats in a Skype interview with Rob Ellis, about the blooper in last week's show about the year of the Entumbane uprising. Rob adds some personal memories from being in Bulawayo the week that Entumbane was at war. The book mentioned in the interview was "Not Quite A Soldier" by David Lemon - printed by College Press in Zimbabwe.

[Sorry that I have not tracked down much more about this book or author. Here is a longer article from that includes commentary about Entumbane]

A conversation with Paxton Chivere of Homage Funeral Homes, and the way he is using pastors to drive his hearses, and provide a 'value added service' to families of the bereaved.

Some interesting links related to Homage here, here, and here.

The SUPERSONIC jingle is taken from the Rhodesia Was Super CD. Supersonic was once a highly profitable and exporting manufacturer of radios, based in Bulawayo. Little bits and pieces from my show intro also came from the same CD. I am looking for MP3 recordings of old radio ads and jingles by the way ...

The software I use to record Skype interviews currently, is SKYLOOK. It is easy to use, not that expensive, and I have had more than acceptable results for podcasting.

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It's double 'b'!

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Excellent show - keep it up!