Friday, February 09, 2007

Getting Olonga with Henry

Show 16

I was very happy and privileged to get time to interview Henry Olonga, currently in southern England on a speaking tour. He talks about his cricket, his singing, and how he feels today about the 'black armband incident' during the 2003 World Cup Cricket, which forced him into an exile from Zimbabwe. This man is a role model par excellence, and now that I know he can be lured back by the smell of a fine oxtail stew, I hope it will not be the last time Paradise Lost listeners get to hear from him.

Music played in this show:
Rise Again, Henry Olonga, off the CD AURELIA
A Perfect World, Sun Palace off the CD A PERFECT WORLD
Valley, Reza Manzoor off the CD RESTRUNG


Kiki Cherry said...

Wow! I love his music. He puts his heart into it as well.

Hey--we need your help. Several of us in the US are organizing an International Day of Prayer for Zimbabwe, to be held April 18, 2007.

Already over 1200 have joined our facebook group. Can you help us get the word out? All we’re asking is for people to 1) pray, 2) organize a prayer event in their city, and 3) pass the word along to everyone in their address book and ask them to do the same.


Mark D Taylor said...

Thanks Kiki - and may your prayer project for Zimbabwe gather much momentum.

elisa (Italia) said...

volevo farti i complimenti hai un sito bellissimo un abbraccio dall'Italia

Congratulations on a beautiful website
Loved everything on your site and you did a magnificent job. You should be proud of yourself

goooooood girl said...

So good......