Tuesday, October 10, 2006

The Railway Guardsman

Show 14

Phew, moving is pretty hard work! I have arrived in the UK, but my wife Rose is still in South Africa for a little longer. But from my very empty house in Worthing, I finally complete the show with an interview recorded a couple of months ago with ‘Temba Ngazimbe’ who served 30 years with the National Railways of Zimbabwe. This Matabele gentleman has some different, perhaps interesting views. I enjoyed chatting to him when he visited Johannesburg to see two of his children who have lived 'south of the border' for several years. Temba is not his real name of course - he requested the anonymity. One day, that will no longer be necessary.

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Afrocast Inc. said...

Mugabe in Zanla was not even at a leadership position he was a secrectry of the party, he got to be the only one remaining alive after the death of the military leaders of Zanla had been killed (by him)in Moza and other countries. Knomo was as many Western reports are now coming out was distroyed by media, his statement of land reform as the first step is one that got the west freaked out as we see what happened with the Mugabe's land grab.